Robust Dual Chamber Composter – High Volume, Easy-Turn, All-Season System with 2 Sliding Doors – (2 x 18.5 Gallon / 70 Liter Capacity)

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Our easy-turn composter makes composting a breeze. The unique design features two separate chambers, each capable of holding up to 18.5 gallons or 70 liters. Organic waste goes in, and with a simple turn, it begins its transformation into nutrient-dense compost. The heavy-duty construction is designed to withstand all seasons, providing a reliable and efficient composting solution year-round.

The two sliding doors provide easy access to each chamber. You can fill one side while the other side matures, making it easy to continually compost throughout the year. The turning system aids in speeding up the composting process, creating a faster cycle of waste to compost.

Our composter is not just practical; it’s environmentally friendly. By composting your kitchen and garden waste, you are reducing the amount of waste going into landfill while creating rich, fertile compost for your plants. A win for you and the environment.

Is this composter easy to turn?
Absolutely, the composter is designed for ease-of-use. The turning mechanism is straightforward, helping to speed up the composting process.

Can it handle composting in any season?
Indeed, this composter is constructed with heavy-duty materials, making it suitable for all-season use. It’s reliable and efficient, regardless of the weather conditions.

What is the capacity of each chamber?
Each chamber can hold up to 18.5 gallons or 70 liters. This large capacity allows for a consistent composting process.

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