How Do MARS HYDRO UR45 45W UV & IR Supplement Light Bars Enhance Commercial Grade LED Grow Lights?

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When discussing efficient grow lights, the emphasis usually lands on the primary spectrum: blue, red, and white light. However, the outskirts of the visible light spectrum – ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) – play roles that often remain understated. Here’s how the MARS HYDRO UR45 Supplement Light Bars are revolutionizing the game:

Enhanced Resin Production: The inclusion of UV light can stimulate plants to produce more trichomes, thereby enhancing the resin and flavor profile of certain plants.

Improved Energy Utilization: IR light can penetrate deeper into plant tissues, promoting cell division and increasing the rate of photosynthesis, especially in the later stages of growth.

Versatility: Designed to complement leading models such as FC6500, FC8000, FC-E6500, and FC-E8000, these bars offer a seamless integration without causing any disruptions to existing setups.

Optimal Durability: Being commercial-grade means these bars are designed for prolonged usage without compromising on efficiency or output.

By focusing on the often-overlooked UV and IR spectrums, MARS HYDRO ensures that plants receive a holistic light treatment, which can contribute to better growth, yield, and quality.

**Q**: What are the primary benefits of using the MARS HYDRO UR45 45W UV & IR Supplement Light Bars with commercial-grade LED grow lights?

A: The primary benefits include enhanced resin production in plants, improved energy utilization through deeper penetration of IR light, seamless integration with leading grow light models, and optimal durability for prolonged use.

Q: Can these supplement bars be used with grow lights other than the ones specified?

A: While they are designed for optimal compatibility with models like FC6500, FC8000, FC-E6500, and FC-E8000, it’s essential to check the manufacturer’s recommendations for other models.

Q: How do UV and IR lights impact the overall growth of plants?

A: UV light can stimulate plants to produce more trichomes, enhancing their resin and flavor profile. On the other hand, IR light promotes cell division and increases the rate of photosynthesis, especially beneficial in the later stages of plant growth.

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