Basic Black Worm Factory: Efficient 3 Tray Composting System

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Crafted for efficacy and ease of use, the Basic Black Worm Factory comes with three spacious trays. These trays function as a home for red wiggler worms that rapidly and naturally convert kitchen scraps into a valuable soil amendment – worm castings, also known as black gold.

The design is simple, yet practical. Each tray is filled with scraps and worms. As the worms finish composting in one tray, they migrate upwards to the next one, leaving behind rich compost ready for garden use. This upward migration allows for effortless separation of compost and worms.

Moreover, this worm composter is not just about functionality; it’s also about aesthetic appeal. Finished in basic black, it will blend seamlessly with your outdoor decor.

The Basic Black Worm Factory is an excellent choice for those seeking a practical, aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly method to manage kitchen waste. Reduce your carbon footprint, enrich your garden, and make the most of your kitchen scraps with this efficient composting system.

Q: How do I start using the Basic Black Worm Factory?
A: Simply set up the composter, add a batch of red wiggler worms and start filling the trays with kitchen scraps. The worms will begin to compost the waste, migrating upwards as they finish each tray.

Q: What kind of waste can I compost?
A: You can compost vegetable and fruit scraps, coffee grounds, tea bags, grains, bread, pasta and non-glossy paper. Avoid meat, dairy, oily foods, and citrus as these can upset the worms.

Q: Is the composter suitable for all climates?
A: The Basic Black Worm Factory is best suited to mild climates. However, it can be used in colder climates if placed in a sheltered location, like a garage or shed, during the colder months.

Q: What should I do if my composter starts to smell?
A: Properly maintained, your composter should not emit a foul odour. If it does, it’s usually a sign that it’s too wet or you’re adding inappropriate materials. Correct this by adding more brown materials (like shredded paper or cardboard) to absorb the excess moisture and avoiding materials that can cause odours, such as meat or dairy products.

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